Brochure and Booklet Printing

Printing a booklet or brochure is the ideal choice for a tactile piece of marketing.  Unpacking a proposition can take some time and a booklet can be the perfect printed solution.  Putting together projections in a professional and succinct way, displaying annual accounts, creating a membership newsletter or quarterly newsletter, making a brochure for your latest product offerings or creating a self-published book from scratch -  we can put these files into the world through our printing technology.

Our range of brochures and booklets offer printing space on as few as 8 up to 400 pages. There’s no need to wait around for a booklet printing online quote as all of our prices are displayed on our product pages. Simply select the option for you and our product price grid will calculate the price for you. 

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Why choose Brochure and Booklet printing?

With five different binding options, a wide range of high-quality paper stocks and finishes, you can customise your Brochure or Booklet to suit your exact needs. Whether you’re creating a recipe book, a catalogue, pulling together some highly detailed stats or making a manual for a complex product, we have something to suit your objective. 

Book & Booklet Printing FAQs 

How many Brochures and Booklets can I order?

We offer Brochure and Booklet printing in quantities starting at 25, right up to 100,000. Each product offers different quantities so make sure to select the right option for you. Some of our Booklets are customisable in size, so you'll even have control over your dimensions too!

What sizes of Brochures and Booklets are available?

Saddle Stitched and Perfect Bound Booklets are customisable in size and can be suited to your own specifications. For all other Booklets and Brochures you’ll find the available sizes on the product page. 

Which binding should I choose? Perfect Bound, Saddle Stitched, Hardback or Wiro Bound?

Saddle Stitched – our most affordable option, ideal for Brochures and Booklets with lower page counts. Saddle Stitching involves layering each page on top of one another and stitching down the middle. You can order Saddle Stitched Brochures with page counts as low as eight, but we only offer them with up to 64 pages as any more than that causes your Booklet to appear puffy, at which point another form of binding would be recommended. You can order Saddle Stitched Booklets in quantities from 25 – 100,000 in increments of one and you can customise the size of your Booklet too. For help on supplying your artwork, our handy how to guide has you covered!

Perfect Bound – these Brochures and Booklets are available with 40 – 240 printed pages. The pages are glued together at the spine which allows for more pages than Saddle Stitched Booklets. The minimum quantity you can order is 50 up to 10,000. They are available custom-sized so you can design them to your own requirements. Perfect Bound Brochures and Booklets are great for a creative design, and their strong, flexible thermal glue means they’re built to last. Need a hand supplying your artwork? Our how to guide walks you through the process, and for selecting your spine width our handy calculator will make sure you get it right!

Spot UV Brochures – Spot UV Brochures are great for creating a Brochure that pops! Available with 8 – 68 pages, these Brochures are hard to miss. Using a shiny gloss varnish to enhance areas of your design will make sure to grab your customers' attention from the front page. Available in A4 and A5 portrait or 210mm square, this option is not customisable in size. Order in quantities from 25 – 100,000.

Hardback – also known as Hardcover book printing, these are our most premium printed books. Available in A4 and A5 portrait and landscape or 210mm square. We offer Hardback printing with 40 – 400 pages and in quantities of 25 – 1000. The minimum spine width available is 9mm and you can choose either Matt or Gloss Lamination for the cover. Ideal for the likes of academic yearbooks and souvenirs.

Wiro Bound – Wiro Bound Booklet printing is exactly as it sounds. A spiral wire is looped around to the pages to bind the book and keep it strongly secured. They can be printed in quantities of 25 up to 1000 and with a choice of 2 wire colours. Showcase your achievements and business reports or create a notepad for your team and customers. They are suitable for Booklets with 8 – 180 pages. 

How much does Brochure and Booklet printing cost?

With all Brochures and Booklets, you’ll find our handy price grid with the cost. The price changes based on the product, the amount you order and the finishing you choose. There’s no need to hang around waiting for a quote as the prices will change based on your requirements.  

What support is available for Brochure and Booklet printing?

Our Blog articles are a great place to start if you’re new to Brochure and Booklet printing. We offer three different artwork services. Choose File Assist for extra assistance in uploading your artwork. Or if you know exactly what you’re doing ‘Just Print’ is the option for you. Our helpful Customer Success Team are only a call away for anything more you might need.