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Saddle Stitch Booklet printing is our most affordable binding option. With low minimum order quantities and custom sizes from A6 up to A4, Saddle Stitch Booklets are a simple but sturdy stapled booklet option. We love them for brochures with lower page counts and projects with shorter lead times.

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Stuck on what lamination to use for your saddle stiched booklet? Check out our useful blog here - Which lamination should I use for my print?

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Fast, Reliable Delivery Fast, Reliable Delivery
40 Point Free Artwork Check 40 Point Free Artwork Check
Over 300+ Products Catalogue Over 300+ Products Catalogue
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Saddle Stitched Booklet Printing

The ideal solution for projects with a lower page count, ranging from 8 to 64 pages. Saddle stitch booklets are created by folding sheets of paper and stapling them along the fold line, providing a sleek, professional appearance reminiscent of an open saddle. Saddle stitch booklet printing offers a cost-effective and visually appealing solution for presenting information in a professional manner, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

  • Choose from custom sizes ranging from A6 to A4.
  • Select from 10 inner paper stocks and 17 cover paper stocks.
  • Opt for one of the 6 cover laminations to enhance durability and aesthetics.
  • Budget-Friendly and Impressive:


The versatility of saddle stitch booklets extends to their customisation options. Tailor your booklets to align with your branding and design preferences:

  • Paper Types: Choose from a variety of paper stocks for both inner pages and covers.
  • Sizes: Custom sizes from A6 to A4 cater to your specific project requirements.
  • Finishes: Select from a range of finishes to add that extra touch of professionalism.

Lamination for Optimal Protection:

For best results, we recommend using lamination for covers with heavy ink coverage. Lamination acts as a protective layer, safeguarding the cover from potential marking caused by ink transfer or friction during transit or storage. Choose from a variety of cover laminations, including the durable Soft Touch or the elegant Matt lamination.

Check our blog for more information on lamination: Which lamination should I use for my print?

Minimum Order Requirements:

For A4 and A5 portrait and landscape options, the minimum order requirement is just 1 brochure.

For all other options, the minimum order is 25 booklets, accommodating projects of various scales.

Order Quantities and Production:

We aim to produce order quantities of 500 and below using our state-of-the-art digital facilities, while larger quantities are produced using our modern lithographic presses.


Who needs Saddle Stitch Booklets?

  • Businesses and Corporations:

Marketing Collateral: Ideal for product catalogues, brochures, and promotional booklets.

Training Manuals: Perfect for employee handbooks and instructional materials.

  • Publishers:

Magazines and Periodicals: Cost-effective and professional for regular publications.

Newsletters: A versatile choice for organisations and community groups.

  • Education Sector:

Course Materials: Customisable for course catalogues, program guides, and educational resources.

Yearbooks: Professional and cost-effective for memorable yearbooks.

  • Nonprofit Organisations:

Promotional Materials: Effective for fundraising campaigns and awareness materials.

  • Individuals:

Event Invitations: A unique and impressive option for special events.

Photography Portfolios: Professional showcasing of your work.

  • Retailers:

Product Catalogues: Compact and visually appealing for product promotion.

  • Real Estate Agencies:

Property Listings: Create professional property listings and promotional materials.

  • Event Organisers:

Programs and Schedules: Essential for conferences, trade shows, and events.


Whatever your or your client’s requirements, our range of Saddle Stitch brochures will certainly impress.

Looking for a bespoke quote, CLICK HERE for more information. 

UK shipping is free, exceptions apply.

Technical Specifications for Saddle Stitched Printing

Setting Up Design Files For Saddle Stitched Booklets

For help with booklet printing visit the resource Hub where we have a handy booklet help section.  Saddle Stitch Booklets, please submit artwork as one file in running order.

For example, a 40-page brochure should be supplied as one PDF with 40 pages running in page order.

Booklets must contain a page total divisible by 4.

It is recommended you do not place words, page numbers or images too close to the edges of each page.  We would recommend a safe zone on all sides of at least 5mm for saddle-stitched brochures.

  • Include 3mm bleed on all sides
  • We recommend a 5mm (ideally 10mm) safe zone for a better finish
  • Supply as a CMYK PDF
  • Outline or embed fonts
  • 300dpi resolution

For more guidance on how to successfully set up and submit your artwork, see our booklets and brochures help pages. 

High Quality Printing with Sustainability in mind.

We are working hard to mitigate our environmental impact and are following an emissions reduction program to lower our direct and indirect emissions which will lead us to Net Zero by 2040.

We are working hard to introduce more environmentally credible products in our range and we encourage you to consider using more of those products.

Tradeprint supports Two Sides, the print and paper advocacy group that aims to dispel myths around greenwashing and promote paper as a truly sustainable product.

We are committed to reducing waste and in particular aiming to eliminate problematic plastics from our printing and fulfilment operation.

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