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Tradeprint, as part of the Cimpress family of businesses, has initiated a carbon emissions reduction program to lower our direct and indirect emissions at a rate better than the well-below 2°C aspirational target established at 2015’s “Paris Climate Accord”.  In fact, our emissions reduction program follows a science-derived 1.5°C target pathway, which will lead to Net Zero emissions by 2040.

To reach these goals, we are focusing and investing in energy-reducing infrastructure and equipment, renewable energy sourcing, finding lower emissions substrates, and more sustainable shipping options.  Over the past year, we have begun digging into our supply chain emissions to gain even greater insight into what drives them, and where we can drive and influence reductions. We already have several projects in their early stages that will dramatically reduce our direct carbon emissions as we move forward and are excited to share more about them and their impact on our emissions when they are completed on our blog.

As soon as we get to a full year post-COVID-19, we will make a positive, transparent statement about performance on Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

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Responsibly Sourced paper
100% of the paper we print on in our production facilities is FSC-certified.  In 2020, we committed to influencing our third-party suppliers to materially expand their use of responsibly forested paper for the products that they customise on our behalf, as well as using either FSC-certified corrugate or packaging materials containing recycled content from post-consumer sources to help ensure our packaging does not contribute to deforestation.  We are working to reach 95% conversion to either FSC or post-consumer waste materials across our third-party supply base and packaging by 2025.
our commitment to

plastics reduction

In 2020, we committed to improve the profile of our plastic-based packaging in line with the targets set by the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and EU Plastics Pact, co-sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. We are committed to the following 

by 2025:  

• 100% elimination of problematic plastics (mainly PVC and polystyrene);

• Making 100% of our packaging reusable, recyclable at curb side, or compostable.

• Reducing our use of virgin plastic by at least 20%, with at least half of this reduction coming from reduced plastic use overall (and the rest coming from increased recycled content).

our commitment to

sustainable facilities

We strive to build sustainable facilities so that our operations have a reduced, or neutral, impact on the environment. We are committed to employing green technologies in new construction, as well as retrofitting older buildings where possible. Our production facilities maximize recycling opportunities for all waste substrates and consumables.


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