Standard Poster Printing A4-A0 & Custom Sized Posters

Poster printing allows you to get your message across in a big way. Order in quantities from 1 – 20,000 with both indoor and outdoor options available and custom sized posters too - we like to think of the bigger picture. 

In case you need it, here are some handy size conversions to help you figure out how big, or small you want to go:

A1  =  840mm x 594mm  including bleed that works out at 846mm x 600mm
A2  =  594mm x 420mm  including bleed that works out  600mm x 426mm
A3  =  297mm x 420mm  including bleed that works out  303mm x 426mm
A4 =   210mm x 297mm  including bleed that works out  216mm x 303mm
1/3 A4 =   98mm x 210mm including bleed that works out 104mm x 216mm
A5  = 148mm x 210mm including bleed that works out 154mm x 216mm
A6  =  105mm x 148mm  including bleed that works out 111mm x 154mm

Standard business cards (because aren't they just mini-posters anyway?) =  85mm x 55mm including bleed that works out 91mm x 61mm

We offer everything from A0 – A4 and Custom Size is available with a maximum of 1400 x 1400mm. Looking for something even more eye-catching? Not a problem! We offer backlit Posters with LED boxes to shine a light on your promotion.



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Why Choose Poster Printing?

Posters are a tried and tested marketing tool that has stood the test of time while remaining incredibly cost-effective. Whatever message you want to communicate to your customers, Posters are a great platform for spreading the word. Available for printing on ten different high-quality paper stocks with Custom Sized options, our wide range of Posters have got something for every need - you can even choose to have your poster backlit with an LED light box to further grab your customers’ attention!

Poster Printing FAQs

What size do Posters start at?

Posters are available in A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 20 x 30”, 30 x 40” or you can create your own Custom Sized Poster 200 – 1400mm x 200 – 1400mm.

Can I use posters outside?


Looking to use your Posters outside? Just make sure to select our Outdoor Posters and take it from there. Choose from a range of five sizes, or customise the size to suit your needs. Custom Outdoor Posters can be printed on 200 – 1400mm x 200 – 1400mm. Our Blueback 120gsm paper is sturdy and waterproof so your Posters will stand the test of time. 

Outdoor Poster printing - UK weather? Our Blueback paper stock will last 4 – 6 weeks making them a great choice for a short-term promotion. Outdoor advertising provides a great opportunity to lure your potential customers in even if they’re passing by. You can promote your offering before your customers even enter the venue!

Why are posters a good way to advertise?


Posters are a great way to grab your customers’ attention without breaking the bank. They’re not as sturdy as other forms of signage which makes them a great option for short term promotions. Posters are big and eye-catching, and if you get your design right they will capture the attention of your potential customers. They’re a tried and tested solution that has stood the test of time. Keep your text to a minimum and have a clear message on your poster so you’ll stick in your customers mind, even if they just happen to be passing by.

What information should be included on a poster?


You can really put whatever information you like on a Poster, but they perform best with simple, easily digestible information. Closing the doors for the Christmas break? Make sure to say it with a Poster – your customers will be aware of your opening hours and won’t be left disappointed! They’re also a great platform for promoting an event, a special menu or a new product you want to shout about.

Where are posters most effective?


Posters are most effective on walls, doors, windows and notice boards. Try to target busy areas where lots of people will be able to see your messaging, but the most important factor is getting your Poster to stand out – so make sure your design is visibly appealing! Need some inspiration to get you started? Explore our range of downloadable Poster templates and handy blog articles to get you on your way.

Where do you ship to?

We offer poster prints UK wide. 

What support is available for poster printing?


We offer artwork support on all Posters to make sure that whatever your ability, we all you need to do is submit your finished design and we’ll take care of the rest. Alternatively, if you’re clued up about all things Poster printing, you can select ‘Just Print’ and we’ll do just that.