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Is being green one of your brand values? Get started on your eco-friendly journey with our collection of Kraft paper products, including greeting cards, business cards and flyers and put yourself above your competitors while being environmentally conscious.

Kraft Paper FAQs

Is Kraft paper fully recyclable?
Yes, our Kraft range is 100% recyclable and completely biodegradable.

Can you print white on Kraft brown paper?
We can print a rainbow of colours, but we are unable to print white text or images on Kraft paper.


What is Kraft paper?
Using the magical Kraft process, it converts wood into wood pulp making it a naturally biodegradable product. With its earthy-textured and uncoated material, it makes a great option for artisan businesses.

Our Kraft Flyers and Kraft Business Cards are made from 10% cocoa shell powder, a waste product from the chocolate industry. The cocoa powder gives the paper a distinctive natural colour and a rustic appearance.
Please don't eat the paper!


Is Kraft paper best for simple designs?
Kraft paper is the perfect choice for showing off minimalist designs. We recommend keeping your design simple and understated, using only a couple of darker colours to complement its natural tone. Great for showing off that vintage rustic look.


How sturdy is Classic Kraft Paper Bags?
We recommend not to fill the bag with more than 1.5kg to avoid overloading it. Our 100gsm Kraft Paper Bags are stylish making them great for food packaging, clothes, gifts and much more.