Folded Leaflet Printing

Folded Leaflet printing is a great option if you want to convey lots of detailed information. Whether it’s a menu with lots of options or you need to outline some of the reasons to join your health club, our wide range of folds can accommodate for any use. Looking for something that lasts? Choose Laminated Folded Leaflets to protect your promotion from everyday wear and tear and spillages too!

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Why choose Folded Leaflets?

When a Flyer just won’t do, Folded Leaflets are a great solution for getting more information across. Folded Leaflets come with a wide range of folding options with everything from Z folds to tri fold Leaflet printing. Whatever message you need to get across, we’ve got a fold for you!


Why choose Laminated over unlaminated?
Laminated Folded Leaflets are made to last longer, perfect for food and drink menus which might be susceptible to spillages. Due to them being laminated, there are only four folding options. They’re available in sizes A3 and A4 and you can choose either Gloss or Matt Lamination. 

Unlaminated Folded Leaflets are our most cost-effective option and with more folding options available they can be tailored to your own requirements.

Why are Folded Leaflets more expensive than Creased Leaflets?
Folded Leaflets are delivered Folded and ready for use, whereas Creased Leaflets arrive flat for you to fold. Creased Leaflets are available in thicker paper stocks too.

Which Folds are available?
For unlaminated Folded Leaflets you can choose from 9 folds

  • Single fold
  • Z fold to 1/3
  • Z fold to ¼
  • Roll fold or tri fold Leaflet printing to 1/3
  • Roll fold to ¼
  • Gatefold
  • Double parallel fold
  • Half fold then roll fold
  • Cross fold 

For Laminated Folded Leaflets:


  • Single fold
  • Z fold to 1/3 
  • Roll fold or tri fold leaflet printing to 1/3
  • Gatefold

How many Folded Leaflets can I order?
You can order Folded Leaflets in quantities of 50 – 100,000. If you’re looking for Laminated Folded Leaflets, we offer these in quantities of 50 – 2000.

Which paper stocks are available?
For Laminated Folded Flyers you can choose from 200gsm Silk or 300gsm Coated. For unlaminated Folded Leaflets you can choose from 100gsm or 120gsm Uncoated, 130gsm or 170gsm Silk and 130gsm or 170gsm Gloss.

What’s the difference between Folded Leaflets and Folded Flyers?
Nothing at all, they are the exact same thing!

Here at Tradeprint we refer to a Flyer as a flat piece of paper, and when we talk about Leaflets we mean a folded piece of paper which tends to hold more information within the folded sections.