Calendar Printing

Looking to print a Calendar? Whether it’s all about the business with your corporate branding and logo or you want to remind the family of some of your year’s best snaps, we offer a choice of 7 Calendar printing options that can be customised to suit your exact needs.

Printable Calendars come in an array of sizes and styles. From Wall Planners and Pocket-Sized Calendars, to Wiro Bound and Promotional Calendars we’ve got your messaging sorted for the rest of the year whether you’re on a modest budget or looking to splash out!

As one of the UK’s leading wholesale print providers, you can rely on fast turnaround times and high-quality results from our state-of-the-art digital and lithographic Calendar printers.

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Your local Calendar printers

Whether it's for family or business, choose Tradeprint as your Calendar printers for high quality product that'll last the whole year!


Why choose Calendar Printing?
The advertising potential available with Calendar printing make them the ideal giveaway at trade shows, events and of course, for corporate gifts. They’re budget friendly and high in quality so whether it’s a simple Wall Planner or a more image heavy Promotional Calendar, you can appear on your customers walls or desk with a new message every month! 

How to make a personalised Calendar?
Custom Calendar printing is a great way to expose your brand throughout the year. Whether you’re looking advertising opportunities or in search of some promotional festive gifts, a custom Calendar can with the right content be a valuable asset throughout the whole year. 
If you’re looking for personalised corporate Calendars, it’s important to think about what your business represents. If you’re in a professional field, it makes sense to keep your calendar on brand with your logo and achievements being at the forefront of your imagery. 
Are you a venue known for your scenery or delicious dishes? Make sure your imagery pops and lures those customers back time and again to see for themselves for the next 12 months!
Once you’ve decided on the right imagery for your brand, simply upload your media and we’ll take care of the rest. Each of our product pages have Calendar Templates available to keep you on track when designing your personalised Calendar. 

What is a corporate Calendar?
Whether you’re printing to sell them to guests or want to reward your favourite customers with an end of year present, corporate Calendars are the gift that keeps giving. While providing people with a practical present, you are providing your business with the opportunity to be front of mind throughout the year. 

What kind of paper are personalised Calendars printed on?
250gsm Silk
130gsm Silk
170gsm Silk
170gsm SIlk
200gsm Silk

What kind of paper are Wall Planners printed on?
130gsm Gloss
170gsm Gloss
130gsm Silk
170gsm Silk