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Flexible packaging pouches are the perfect way to protect your food or cosmetic products from moisture or contamination. Available on 3 different types of materials for you to personalise with your brand logos and text. Check them out now. 

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Fast, Reliable Delivery Fast, Reliable Delivery
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Food Packaging - Doypacks

Our flexible pouch packaging can be used to store and protect any number of items, from technology products, make-up to food and even pet treats for all your furry friends. Also known as Doypacks, these flexible pouches have a base that will expand when filled. This allows it to stand up on its own.

Made from 75% less plastic than an equivalent capacity rigid storage container, they aren't only great for saving storage, but better for the planet! 

Available in 4 sizes and printed on 3 different materials specifically designed to resist moisture and protect the contents.

Choose the options which suit you best, whether you would like a hanging hole or zip lock seal on your selected pouch, customise this to meet your needs! You can print on either side of the pouch and the base remains unprinted (either white or transparent depending on the material chosen).

Materials: All of our materials are high barrier. This means they are suitable for use in the food industry as they keep contents fresh and odours out. 

Transparent Film: A see-through film, ideal if you want the customer to see the contents. 

Recyclable Paper: A semi-opaque material, made from paper and plastic, allowing you to see the contents or the outline of them if you hold them up to the light.

Paper/ Alumninium: A multilayered pouch made of paper, with an aluminium foil lining inside. Completely opaque. Ideal artisan packaging for everything from homemade foods to toiletries. 

Type of use for foods - Single use and suitable for every kind of food.

What temperatures are these doypacks suitable for? Room temperature or below. When containing anything hot up to 70°C - 2 hours.  When containing anything heated up to 100°C - 15 minutes. (Surface/volume ratio used to check the compliance: 6 𝑑𝑚􀬶/kg)

Rest assured that the plastic layer in contact with the food has been validated as a functional barrier and complies with the requirements of Article 13, paragraphs 2,3, and 4 or of Article 14, paragraphs 2 and 3 of 10/2011/EU Regulation.

UK shipping is free, exceptions apply.

Technical Specification For Pouch Packaging

How To Set Up Design Files For Pouch Packaging

Technical Specification:

  • Transparent Film (High Barrier): A see-through film comprising of PE (polyethylene) and EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) - 102microns thick. Suitable for storing all sorts of fresh and dried foods. Ideal if you want the customer to see the contents. You can print areas of white + CMYK on to the package to create a viewing window for the product. 
  • Recyclable Paper (High Barrier): Multi-layered and made from paper and plastic - 110 microns thick. This material is perfect for food, but not oily items and is fantastic in resisting aromas and moisture. Ideal for popcorn, nuts and other food stuffs.
  • Paper outer with aluminium inner (High Barrier): A multilayered material made of paper, aluminium and Polyethylene - 99microns thick. The aluminium layer provides excellent protection from moisture, UV light and provides a seal to keep flavours in and odours out.Use for coffee, herbs and spices.
  • Euro slot / Hanging hole dimensions: 25.7mm wide, 10.7mm high.
  • Press-seal zip: On the inside of the pouch allowing it to be resealed once opened. Choose "none" if your pouches don't need to be resealed and you want to machine / heat seal them.

All our flexible pouch packaging is printed using low-migration inks which along with the coating on the paper, ensure the colour stays on the front of the pouch.

Artwork Specification:

When supplying artwork for Flexible Packaging Pouches, please send us two files: one with the artwork template visible and overlaid on your artwork, and another with the template removed, displaying only your artwork. We use the first document to check your files are accurate, and we will proof and print the second document
•    Artwork layer named “Artwork” containing the CMYK artwork for print
•    Include 10mm bleed on the top, left and right edges.
•    This product has a recommended 7mm safe zone between the trim edge and important internal design features.
•    Supply as a CMYK PDF, preferably in PDF/x1a format
•    Outline or embed fonts
•    300dpi resolution
•    If you require a White underpin (on transparent materials) please ensure you have a spot colour named “White” (case sensitive) and set at 100% Cyan. Please ensure the white underpin graphics are on their own layer named ‘White’. Please make sure that this is set to overprint and is a vector not a bitmap image. The White layer should sit above the Artwork layer in your layer panel. (Our templates have these layers and spot colours in place for your convenience)


High Quality Printing with Sustainability in mind.

We are working hard to mitigate our environmental impact and are following an emissions reduction program to lower our direct and indirect emissions which will lead us to Net Zero by 2040.

We are working hard to introduce more environmentally credible products in our range and we encourage you to consider using more of those products.

Tradeprint supports Two Sides, the print and paper advocacy group that aims to dispel myths around greenwashing and promote paper as a truly sustainable product.

We are committed to reducing waste and in particular aiming to eliminate problematic plastics from our printing and fulfilment operation.

Read full Environmental policy here.