Drop Ship with Tradeprint

Drop Ship with Tradeprint


Drop shipping or print on demand is a growing industry. Tradeprint can offer you not only print and technology expertise but an amazing product range. Get your design on anything from a flyer to a t-shirt. Check out the range below.

Print - on demand!

Drop shipping or print on demand as it's also known is a growing industry. Tradeprint can offer you not only print and technology expertise but an amazing product range. Get your design/image on anything from a mug to a t-shirt. 

New to Drop Shipping? 

You’ve probably heard the words Print on Demand or Drop Shipping without really knowing the details. You may even already do it but don’t refer to it as such.


So what exactly is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a method of fulfilment where the shop doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a sale is made, it purchases the item from a third party which is then shipped directly to the customer. 
As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly.

Whether you are an artist looking to sell their designs, a brand looking to grow, an aspiring or accomplished writer or graphic novelist, illustrator looking to get their wares on to coffee tables around the UK. Maybe you are an entrepreneur with a specific product or range in mind. Or you’ve seen a gap in the market and are after an on the side hustle.

Drop shipping can cater for all these and more.

Why dropship?

  • Total versatility on ranges - sell what you want when you want

  • No commitment/cash outlay for stock
  • Only pay for the order when a customer places one
  • No need for space to hold stock
  • Allows business to grow quickly and adapt to customer needs

Where does Tradeprint fit in?

Drop shipping, much like Tradeprint is the perfect fusion of print and technology. Unlike a lot of companies we are experts in both fields having a huge technology resource, and not only having on-site integrated manufacturing facilities we are part of one of the largest fulfilment networks in the world. This allows us to give you access to pretty much any product you want!

Unlike most print - on demand companies/drop shipping suppliers, we offer a strong customer-supplier relationship with account management services, resources and total solution and product flexibility. 

Whether you are a seasoned drop-shipper or if you are starting out on a side hustle, we can cater for your business requirements and grow with your business.

Why Choose Tradeprint?

  • We combine our print and technology expertise to give a versatile drop shipping solution.
  • Onsite fulfilment 
  • No monthly fees or ties: Just pay when you get an order
  • We can grow with your business

Partner with us. We can offer a UK and International supply chain. This means we can offer a huge range of products that can be despatched as quickly as the next day. 

Ensure your products look and feel how you want them to. Order our best sellers sample pack, or register to pre-order our brand new exclusive drop shipping sample pack by getting in touch. 

Exclusive features:

  • Diverse product catalogue
  • Full Photoshop mockups for you to generate images for your site
  • Custom integration, API integration
  • Seller support
  • Centralised UK and international fulfilment options
  • Exclusive drop-shipping discounts
  • Online design functionality - place your design on the product and design in minutes.
  • Complete white label shipping
  • UK based customer service and account management

Printing options: Being experts in print, we can offer you a wide selection of products and print techniques such as direct-to-garment printing on clothing, dye-sublimation and heat transfer printing on products such as cushions and mugs as well as high quality lithographic and digitally printed paper products.

Delivery options: We can either deliver to you 1-off in bulk giving you the option to add personalised packaging and branding to your goods before shipping onward to your customers or we can deliver direct at no extra cost. UK mainland delivery is included in the cost of your product. Although some exclusions apply. Depending on location, this can be upgraded to a timed delivery.

Setting up print on demand supply:

If you are just starting out and want to sell on marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, speak to our team who can offer advice on how to set up get noticed and select your product range.

If you currently operate a store in one of the many online marketplaces, we can help with a number of technology tools. We can allow batch ordering straight away, manual ordering and ordering via our API if the volume warrants it – contact us for a drop shipping consultation request to discuss your individual requirements.

Are you already an E-commerce Expert and looking to diversify or move your existing integrated supply chain? We have a large technology resource and have developed the most complete print manufacturing API in the market.  

Sign up for your free drop shipping consultation and one of our experts will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and how we can best help you grow.


Integration with Order Desk

In a bid to make the order process easier for web-to-print businesses we have teamed up with Order Desk.  Order Desk has over 300 integrations with everyday services such as Amazon, Etsy Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce so that setting up order processes can be simplified.  Contact us to find out more. Read more about the integration and how it can simplify fulfilment and delivery here.

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