Custom Printed Children's Clothing

We custom print your designs, brands and logos onto children's merchandise.  Brand up those hoodies, sweatshirts,  polo shirts, t-shirts and zipped hoodies and watch your marketing "go live" as the kids live their lives.

We can print this kids' merch in small batches or bulk orders and have them delivered wherever you need.

We particularly like this type of merch for sports clubs, bands, school trips and leavers' hoodies.  They are also ideal as a stock item for your market stall, social selling group or your own ecommerce site designed to your specifications.

The trend for oversized hoodies with cute slogans and college logo printed designs is easy to replicate if you have a good design.  Merch is a valuable revenue stream for vloggers, influencers and bands.  We use great base products with high quality fabric and stitching so when a design is added, these become top notch products that can command a good resale price.  As specialists in mass customisation in the print industry we are able to deliver a good margin for anyone needing to sell these on.

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FAQs About Personalised Children's Merchandise 

I want to add a custom design and a logo to a kids' hoodie, can I do that with Tradeprint?

Yes, you can add any design you like.  Simply ensure that you use the correct sizing and set up your files properly.  All the information for this is found in the artwork guides on the specific product pages.

Can I create a line of merch with Tradeprint?

Yes, you can for sure.  Just create your designs and decide how many hoodies and t shirts you want to custom print.  We also have an option to set up drop shipping with us which means we hold all the stock and take care of delivery.  Call us to find out more about whether your line of custom printed merchandise would be suitable for drop shipping.  Call 0330 024 0020 and ask to speak to the customer success team about drop shipping.

I run an out of school sports club for kids.  Will Tradeprint be able to print up our team training kits?

We can print t shirts, hoodies, zip through hoodies and polo shirts but we currently don’t have football kits, rugby kits or hockey kits in our range.

Could I custom print a few kids hoodies for a birthday party?

Of course!  We sell adult sizes too if you want to tag in the whole team.

Is your clothing range ethically sourced?

All of our clothing is ethically, legally and humanely produced, contain no harmful substances for people or the environment and are vegan friendly.