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Removable Labels are purposely designed to be removed from any surface or a product without leaving a sticky residue.

  • Choose from 2 materials: A standard with paper with a removable adhesive and a static cling film which is adhesive-free and clings to smooth, clean surfaces.
  • Sizes 10x10mm up to 300x300mm, cut to any shape and printed in full colour
  • Supplied on a roll with a 76mm core.
  • UK shipping is free,, exceptions apply.

What shape do you require? We offer all shapes! Select Circle, Square, Rectangle or Custom. If you would like a circle or a square then please ensure your dimensions are equal e.g. width = 20mm and height = 20mm. Circles, Squares and rectangles no longer require cutting guides. Please only supply a cutting guide if you are printing a custom shape. 

Do you want a varnished or laminated finish to your stickers?

Our labels come with a protected anti-scratch varnish as standard but if you want to up the ante for an impregnable finish you can add a matt or gloss lamination to them.

Top Tip - Don't add a border as these can get decentralised by up to 2mm when printing.

What exactly is mirror printing?

If you are printing on transparent materials, you can select mirror printing as an option so that the labels can be applied to the inside of a window for viewing from the outside.

Need to print in white ink? 

That's no problem.  White ink is used as an underpin which effectively means that it acts as an undercoat to make colours appear solid or it can be used on its own as part of your design.

Your artwork will speak for itself on this, so please follow the instructions in the artwork guide at the bottom of this page.

Top tip: For a single use label, choose paper. For a label that needs to be removed and replaced or moved, opt for Transparent Refix Electrostatic film.

Fast, Reliable Delivery Fast, Reliable Delivery
40 Point Free Artwork Check 40 Point Free Artwork Check
Over 300+ Products Catalogue Over 300+ Products Catalogue
Free Online Design Tools Free Online Design Tools
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Removable Stickers

Our Removable Labels have more to offer than just top quality. They can be used safely in the knowledge that they can be peeled off at any time with no terrible residue.

These labels are supplied on a roll with a 76mm core, can be any size from 10x10mm up to 300x300mm and cut to any shape.

Select the substrate you need, upload your design and we will take care of your sticker printing needs!

Try before you buy - Oustickers and labels sample pack  is packed full of samples and information on the materials and uses. It is also completely white label. Making it ideal for reselling. We will even discount the cost of the pack when you place a qualifying stickers and labels order with us.

Can't find what you're looking for? Browse our full range of stickers and labels or get in touch with our sales team who will be able to help you with your label printing requirements

UK shipping is free, exceptions apply.

Artwork Specifications for Removable Labels

Once you have placed your order you can upload your print ready artwork. When supplying artwork for Labels on a Roll, please supply 1 multi layered PDF, which contains the following:

  • 3mm bleed on all sides
  • CMYK PDF, preferably PDF/X4a
  • Outline or embed fonts
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • Artwork layer named “Artwork” with CMYK artwork for print
  • If you are ordering a circle, square or rectangle shaped label, no cutting shape or layer is required. We will apply this for you automatically.
  • If you are ordering a custom shape, please supply a vector cutting guide with a thickness of 0.25pt set as a spot colour named “KissCutting” and set at 100% magenta. This should be setup as an overprint stroke on a layer named “KissCutting”
  • If you are ordering a solid fill white underpin, no underpinning is necessary within the artwork document as we will add this for you to the whole of the design automatically.
  • If you require a selective white underpin (on transparent / metallic / black pulp-dyed / gold paper materials) please ensure you have a spot colour named “White” (case sensitive) and set at 100% Cyan. Please make sure that this is set to overprint and is a vector not a bitmap image on a layer named “White”.
  • For labels with foil or selective raised gloss finishes, please supply your artwork as a 2 page PDF, page 1 being the print artwork along with any “KissCutting” or “White” layers that are required, with page 2 being the foil/ selective gloss artwork.
  • Foil and selective gloss artwork must be supplied as vector shapes, set to 100 % K only with any overlapping white elements knocked out of the black foiling vectors. Our minimum foiling line weight is 1pt (0.34mm), minimum font size is 10pt (3.4mm) and the minimum gap between foiled or raised gloss elements is 1pt (0.34mm)

For a selection of artwork tips and help setting up your files please visit our help centre.

Material Specifications for Printed Removable Labels

Pro Tip: There is a 2mm margin of error for movement on all circular stickers. This means that even if your design is perfectly centred when you submit it, there is a chance that it may shift slightly during printing. We, therefore, don't recommend the use of borders and line borders. Sticker Set-Up Recommendations 

Coated removable paper (gloss):

A glossy, white coated adhesive paper. This label is suitable for indoor use, on all surfaces, and is easily removed. Perfect for producing bright colours and for use as a poster at events, exhibitions and trade shows. Weight

Transparent Refix Electrostatic Film (Static cling)

An ultra-transparent polyester film that is 100% recyclable and PVC free. This label adheres electrostatically to any smooth surface such as glass and metal, and is tearproof. This label can be attached and removed multiple times without leaving a residue and is suitable for indoor use only. Perfect for use as window stickers and posters on shop windows and at events and exhibitions. Thickness 125µm.

High Quality Printing with Sustainability in mind.

We are working hard to mitigate our environmental impact and are following an emissions reduction program to lower our direct and indirect emissions which will lead us to Net Zero by 2040.

We are working hard to introduce more environmentally credible products in our range and we encourage you to consider using more of those products.

Tradeprint supports Two Sides, the print and paper advocacy group that aims to dispel myths around greenwashing and promote paper as a truly sustainable product.

We are committed to reducing waste and in particular aiming to eliminate problematic plastics from our printing and fulfilment operation.

Read full Environmental policy here.