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Experience the epitome of quality with our premium stickers, crafted from a diverse selection of durable materials that boast superior adhesive properties and resilience against wear and tear. Printed on rolls for your convenience, you have the flexibility to select from a variety of roll sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Choose from our set shapes, including circles, ovals, rectangles, or squares, for a classic look. Alternatively, opt for our custom option to unleash your creativity and design stickers in unique shapes that perfectly complement your brand or project.

For those seeking to elevate their sticker game to new heights of luxury, consider adding a special finish or lamination. These enhancements not only enhance the visual appeal of your stickers but also provide additional protection against fading, scratching, and other forms of damage, ensuring that your designs remain pristine and eye-catching for longer.

Pro Tip: Don't add a border to your sticker as there's a 2mm tolerance which means they *might* look wonky if you add a perfect border.

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Fast, Reliable Delivery Fast, Reliable Delivery
40 Point Free Artwork Check 40 Point Free Artwork Check
Over 300+ Products Catalogue Over 300+ Products Catalogue
Free Online Design Tools Free Online Design Tools
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Luxury Custom Printed Labels

Labels Materials: 

  • Satin Paper - Introducing our premium pearlescent labels, carefully crafted to shimmer elegantly in the light. Made from exquisite paper, these labels are perfect for luxury products, infusing your packaging, invitations, or marketing materials with a touch of sophistication and allure.
  • Polypropylene Deluxe Paper - Permanent acrylic adhesive labels, ideal for outdoor use. When opting for silver or gold, colors will take on a metallic appearance when printed.
  • Black Pulp Dyed Paper - Thick, opaque black labels, perfect for larger curved surfaces and suitable for immersion in water. These stickers are ideal for bottle labels, providing a sleek and professional look from front to back.
  • Martele White Barrier Paper - An extremely durable wet-strength paper with a textured effect, designed for packaging that requires refrigeration. This specialised paper offers exceptional strength and resilience in wet conditions, making it perfect for maintaining product integrity in refrigerated environments.
  • Betulla Laid Paper - Textured paper, specially crafted for glass surfaces like bottles. This paper adds a tactile and visually appealing dimension to your labels, enhancing the overall aesthetic and grip on glass surfaces for a polished and professional look.
  • Hay Paper - Our coated adhesive paper made from glass fibers, featuring a strong yellow-brown color that is perfect for bottle labeling. This durable material offers excellent adhesion and durability, ensuring that your labels stay securely attached to bottles while maintaining a professional appearance.

Try before you buy - Our Stickers and Labels Sample Pack is packed full of samples and information on the materials and uses. It is also completely white label. Making it ideal for reselling. We will even discount the cost of the pack when you place a qualifying stickers and labels order with us.

Can't find what you're looking for? Browse our full range of Stickers and Labels or get in touch with our sales team who will be able to help you with your label printing requirements.

Check out our Labels for Labelling Machines page if you need to alter image positons or label gaps.

UK shipping is free, exceptions apply.


Technical Specification for Premium Labels

Once you have placed your order you can upload your print ready artwork. When supplying artwork for Labels on a Roll, please supply 1 multi layered PDF, which contains the following:

  • 3mm bleed on all sides
  • CMYK PDF, preferably PDF/X4a
  • Outline or embed fonts
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • Artwork layer named “Artwork” with CMYK artwork for print
  • If you are ordering a circle, square or rectangle shaped label, no cutting shape or layer is required. We will apply this for you automatically.
  • If you are ordering a custom shape, please supply a vector cutting guide with a thickness of 0.25pt set as a spot colour named “KissCutting” and set at 100% magenta. This should be setup as an overprint stroke on a layer named “KissCutting”
  • If you are ordering a solid fill white underpin, no underpinning is necessary within the artwork document as we will add this for you to the whole of the design automatically.
  • If you require a selective white underpin (on transparent / metallic / black pulp-dyed / gold paper materials) please ensure you have a spot colour named “White” (case sensitive) and set at 100% Cyan. Please make sure that this is set to overprint and is a vector not a bitmap image on a layer named “White”.
  • For labels with foil or selective raised gloss finishes, please supply your artwork as a PDF, along with any “KissCutting” or “White” layers that are required, with any of the foil/ selective gloss artwork layers labelled 'finishing'. - Help Centre Article.
  • Foil and selective gloss artwork must be supplied as vector shapes, any overlapping white elements knocked out of the foiling vectors. Our minimum foiling line weight is 1pt (0.34mm), minimum font size is 10pt (3.4mm) and the minimum gap between foiled or raised gloss elements is 1pt (0.34mm)
  • Design Tip: To ensure your design is printed correctly we have a few design tips to consider. You can find them here How to set up your circle sticker design and Using line boarders around a circle sticker 

For a selection of artwork tips and help setting up your files please visit our help centre.


High Quality Printing with Sustainability in mind.

We are working hard to mitigate our environmental impact and are following an emissions reduction program to lower our direct and indirect emissions which will lead us to Net Zero by 2040.

We are working hard to introduce more environmentally credible products in our range and we encourage you to consider using more of those products.

Tradeprint supports Two Sides, the print and paper advocacy group that aims to dispel myths around greenwashing and promote paper as a truly sustainable product.

We are committed to reducing waste and in particular aiming to eliminate problematic plastics from our printing and fulfilment operation.

Read full Environmental policy here.