Unlaminated Creased Leaflets

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Our creased leaflets are extremely durable and available in heavier paper stocks for a leaflet that lasts. They arrive creased and flat, ready to be folded as and when they're needed!


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Fast, Reliable Delivery Fast, Reliable Delivery
40 Point Free Artwork Check 40 Point Free Artwork Check
Over 300+ Products Catalogue Over 300+ Products Catalogue
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Heavy Duty Leaflets - Creased Leaflet

We know what products our customers love, and one of those come in the form of our unlaminated creased leaflets, which have become a highly sought-after choice. These leaflets are designed to provide a premium feel, while also offering the convenience of being supplied in an unfolded state for effortless storage and handling.

To ensure the utmost quality and sophistication, we have carefully selected four exceptional paper stocks for you to choose from. Each stock is carefully chosen for its durability and ability to deliver a luxurious finish, adding a touch of elegance to your leaflet design.

  • 300gsm Coated – This paper has been coated to provide a smooth and glossy surface. This coating enhances the paper's ability to showcase vibrant colours and sharp details, making it ideal for high-quality printing projects such as leaflets. With its heavier weight and coated surface, 300gsm coated paper offers durability, a luxurious feel, and excellent print quality. It is often chosen for projects that require a premium look and feel, providing a professional and polished result.
  • 350gsm Silk - Silk paper is known for its smooth and elegant finish. It has a satin-like texture that provides a subtle sheen, giving your printed materials a sophisticated and luxurious appearance. The silk coating on the paper enhances colour vibrancy and detail, resulting in high-quality prints with sharp images and text.  
  • 170gsm Silk – Much like our thicker 350gsm silk, this paper gives the same sophisticated and elegant feeling, but at a more affordable price point. The slightly thinner paper means it is more flexible for posting through letterboxes or popping into holders.
  • 170gsm Gloss – We do love a glossy finish; it simply makes any design pop and stand out. We love seeing these for salon price lists, takeaway menus, and beauty shops.

This product has so many flat sizes to choose from, we’d be here all day. But you don’t need to be an origami master to fold them down, we have folds that come naturally to anyone using them, and conveniently fold to small, finished sizes. But you don’t need to worry about folding them down until you need to, as these leaflets are supplied flat, making room on your shelves until you need them.

  • Crease fold - Simplicity meets effectiveness. This basic fold, where the leaflet is folded in half, provides an easy-to-read format while offering ample space to showcase all the important information you wish to convey.
  • Gate fold - Make a grand entrance! The gate fold is one of the most impactful folds available, providing a theatrical and dramatic opening for your leaflet's contents. Capture attention by displaying your company logo on the front, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Roll fold - Organised and professional, the roll fold features six panels that elegantly flow into one another. This fold is perfect for price lists, showcasing sectional content, or presenting a compelling narrative within your leaflet.
  • Z fold - Unfold a captivating experience. Similar to the roll fold, the Z fold offers six panels to display your content. However, this fold's unique structure allows the paper to stand up, making it ideal for café menus and other applications where visibility and easy browsing are essential.

Order from 250 to 100,000 units, depending on size and type of crease, with digital and litho printing available. For lighter paper stocks and even more options, browse our range of creased and folded leaflets.

Our Leaflet guide will ensure your artwork is perfect every time. Let us take care of your leaflet printing.

UK shipping is free, exceptions apply.

  • All leaflets sized A4 to A6, or A7 on paper less than 300gsm, are tax-exempt.

Technical Specifications for Creased Leaflet Printing

How To Design A Creased Leaflet

  • Artwork templates are available for download to assist with setting up your files. These include the panel widths required, too.

  • Before submitting creased leaflet artwork, we recommend you print a mock up to check the artwork is positioned correctly.

  • When creating any leaflet, please supply your artwork as a 2 page, double sided PDF. For example, on an A4 creased to A5, page 1 should display pages 4 & 1 of the leaflet and page 2 should display pages 2 & 3, as shown in this illustration.
  • When creating artwork with a landscape crease, please submit the front and back pages on the same page, with the front page orientation correct and the back page rotated 180°. The inside pages should be on page 2 and rotated 180° so that the orientation is correct on the final print. You can check the orientation is correct by printing a mock-up before submitting your artwork.
  • Include 3mm bleed on all sides
  • Supply as a CMYK PDF
  • 3mm minimum safe zone/margin on all edges (5mm for an artwork border with an even finish)
  • Outline or embed fonts
  • 300dpi resolution

All creased leaflets are delivered flat.

For more guidance on how to set up artwork for creased leaflets, plus answer other product questions, visit our leaflets Help Centre pages

High Quality Printing with Sustainability in mind.

We are working hard to mitigate our environmental impact and are following an emissions reduction program to lower our direct and indirect emissions which will lead us to Net Zero by 2040.

We are working hard to introduce more environmentally credible products in our range and we encourage you to consider using more of those products.

Tradeprint supports Two Sides, the print and paper advocacy group that aims to dispel myths around greenwashing and promote paper as a truly sustainable product.

We are committed to reducing waste and in particular aiming to eliminate problematic plastics from our printing and fulfilment operation.

Read full Environmental policy here.