Tradeprint PRO FAQ

What are the benefits of the TRADEPRINT PRO programme?


The chance to receive a TRADEPRINT PRO credit every month proportionate to the amount you spent the previous month. If you exceed the entry spend threshold (£500), by the fifth day of following month Tradeprint will automatically reward you with a credit based on your total spend from the month proportionate to the thresholds shown above.

The monthly spend used to generate the credit for the following month is based on the total spent on print jobs (excluding VAT, shipping, and Artwork services). Your order must have the artwork uploaded and approved and be in production. Cancelled and refunded orders will be removed from your spend total.
For example, if you spend £5,000 in May you will be awarded a TRADEPRINT PRO credit by the 5th June, worth £500, to spend with Tradeprint by the end of June.

Access to exclusive services designed to improve your work – you will be entitled to free services and benefits dedicated to print resellers, marketing agencies and graphic arts professionals. Stay signed up to receive our email updates and keep checking the services available on the TRADEPRINT PRO page. We will continue to create new perks and special offers based on your needs and suggestions.

What is a TRADEPRINT PRO credit?

A TRADEPRINT PRO credit is a credit awarded to you by the 5th of each month if you exceed one of three monthly spend thresholds, in the previous month, and will be valid until the end of the next month.

How are TRADEPRINT PRO credits generated?
By the 5th of each month, the final previous monthly spend will be calculated, and (assuming the total is above the minimum threshold) a TRADEPRINT PRO credit will be generated. The monthly spend is calculated from the total spent on print jobs (excluding VAT, shipping and Artwork services). Your order must have the artwork uploaded and approved and be in production.

When you reach a certain monthly spend threshold and thereby earn a TRADEPRINT PRO credit you will move into the next earning bracket. Reaching a threshold leads to the award of a set monthly credit that effectively replaces the credit based on the defined thresholds. Your credit will be available to useafter it has been generated, however, will expire at the end of the month and any unused credit you have not spent will be lost.


Does the TRADEPRINT PRO credit have an expiry date? If so, when is it?
Your TRADEPRINT PRO credit is valid for the month in which it has been issued and cannot be reinstated once expired. Any rewards or benefits cannot be carried over to the following month. Your unused credits are put to good use at our discretion and spent in support of local, national and international charity initiatives that Tradeprint support and are also used on projects to improve our environmental footprint and increase awareness of the issues our industry faces with regard to to sustainability.

Where can I see how much my TRADEPRINT PRO credit is worth and a summary of my transactions?
When signed in you will be able to see your available credit within the TRADEPRINT PRO area in 'My Account' and a summary of the transactions which will contribute to your following months credit. You will also be able to see your available Tradeprint PRO credit as you process an order through your basket as long as you are signed in to your account.

Can I decide not to use the TRADEPRINT PRO credit?
When placing an order, you can decide not to use your TRADEPRINT PRO credit at all and save it for a future order. However, make sure you use it in the month it was generated before it expires.


Can I decide to use my TRADEPRINT PRO credit only on certain items in an order?
No, credit is applied to the entire order. If you decide to use a credit on an order, you must use it for all print jobs within that order. It will be automatically divided between all of the items. if you decide to redeem your credit, and your available credit is in excess of the order, the credit will be redeemed to the full amount of the order. You may choose to reverse the use of the credit before proceeding through the checkout and pay in your usual way allowing you to retain your available credit for a future order.


Can I use the TRADEPRINT PRO credit in conjunction with a promotion?
No, you cannot use a TRADEPRINT PRO credit on an order that contains items on special offer.

Can totals accrued on different accounts be combined to obtain a TRADEPRINT PRO credit?
No, totals accrued on different accounts cannot be combined, even if they belong to the same person or company. To take advantage of the programme, all orders must be placed using the same account.

Where can I check how much I have accrued during the month towards receiving a TRADEPRINT PRO credit?
When signed in you you will be able to see your available credit within the TRADEPRINT PRO are in 'My Account' In addition any credit which you have available will be shown in the basket and you can redeem against an order at this point. 

What happens if I place the order today (e.g. 21st October) but the products are scheduled to be delivered the following month (e.g. 10th November)?
If you have uploaded your artwork and the job has been confirmed and in production (which means it cannot be cancelled), this will count towards your eligible spend threshold in October.  

Do Bespoke Quotes count towards my monthly Tradeprint PRO spend?
No, only orders received via our website count towards your monthly credit accrual. Bespoke quotes by their nature have special discounts applied already and for the Tradeprint PRO to be a sustainable programme we are unable to offer double discounts.

How do I renew my membership of the TRADEPRINT PRO programme? Does programme membership have an expiry date?
You do not need to renew your TRADEPRINT PRO programme membership as there is no expiry date.

I haven't reached the lowest threshold required to receive a TRADEPRINT PRO credit. Am I still part of the TRADEPRINT PRO programme?
Yes, failing to reach the threshold for a month means you miss out on the TRADEPRINT PRO monthly credit but does not prevent you taking part in the programme.

Is there a membership fee to pay for the TRADEPRINT PRO programme?
Absolutely not – you will not have to pay a membership fee.


Who can join the TRADEPRINT PRO programme?

The TRADEPRINT PRO programme is open to customers registered as print professionals, if they belong to one of the following sectors:
Print Resellers
Marketing agencies
Graphic design studios
Printing Companies
Exhibition design
It may take 2-3 working days following registration for the TRADEPRINT PRO programme to be active on your account.

How do I join the TRADEPRINT PRO programme?
Membership of the TRADEPRINT PRO programme is automatic and granted at Tradeprint's discretion and is only available to Tier 1 customers.
Membership is decided on an individual basis and is linked to a single customer reference number. This customer becomes the sole holder of the membership. Multiple programme memberships are not permitted.
Tradeprint will always check the accuracy of the information provided.
Furthermore, Tradeprint may suspend a participant's membership of the TRADEPRINT PRO programme as a result of any conduct it considers to be improper or fraudulent.

Call us on 0330 024 0020, email us at to register your interest  or fill in the form on the following link – Tradeprint PRO.

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