Laminated Flyer Printing

Looking for a flyer that can stand the test of time? Laminated flyers are the business for a sturdy piece of marketing collateral that will last throughout your promotion. There's a place for classic flyers of course but when you need something that can go toe to toe with a drop of water and not come out of it wet and disintegrated, you need a laminated flyer. 

These work for lots of printed items like promotional flyers, invitations and thank you cards.  They feel nicer and more expensive than a classic flyer thanks to the extra lamination; choose from matt, gloss or soft-touch lamination for a long-lasting finish.

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Why Do I Need Laminated Flyers?

Laminated flyer printing is a great way to grab your customers’ attention, and they can be picked up time and again without spoiling. They enhance the look and feel of your promotion and are the ideal option for flyers with regular use. 


What is laminate in terms of flyer printing?

Using a thin transparent plastic sheet coating, Lamination gives your Flyer protection from everyday wear and tear, as well as from spillages. We recommend using them on thicker paper stocks and they’re ideal for regular use, making them perfect for the likes of takeaway menus and offerings that you want to be picked up again and again. 

Which lamination should I choose? 

If you’re looking for a glossy Flyer with striking clarity and a high shine finish, choose Gloss Laminated Flyers. 
For an elegant and sophisticated finish, matt lamination if the most popular choice. 
Lastly, for a velvety touch that your customers can’t put down, choose Soft Touch Laminated Flyers.

What other uses do laminated flyers have?

Laminated Flyer printing can often be used for a variety of other purposes. Our foil option with lamination is frequently used for invitations, event tickets and adding some festive flair around your venue. 
If you’re including promotion in a magazine or newspaper, lamination will help your flyer stand out against the crowd with a sturdier feel. 

Can laminated flyers be recycled?

Unfortunately, laminated flyers cannot be recycled. If the environment is key to your business’ ethos, why not try our recycled or kraft options to stay in line with your brand?

Can I order single-sided flyer lamination?

We only offer double-sided lamination, so if you’re looking to add a handwritten personal touch to invitations or thank you notes, we recommend selecting no lamination.