Our Environmental Policy | Tradeprint

Environmental Policy

We strive to conduct business in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible so as to minimise any adverse effects we may have on the environment.

Throughout the business, we continually assess the impact of our activities and this results in us adopting procedures, control measures and business practices to help protect the environment. We set standards across the business to ensure regulatory compliance, and these standards are monitored and audited on a regular basis.

Advanced Plate Technology

We are early adopters of plate technology that is specifically engineered for short run commodity printing. This system has a huge impact on our waste, allowing us to save a massive 95% on our water consumption in comparison to conventional systems.

Litho Presses

Our presses use fully automated wash systems for a more efficient make ready time, which reduces our paper and water consumption.


To reduce our use of fossil fuels, we use vegetable-based inks in our standard production processes rather than traditional oil or petroleum based inks.


The boxes we use for dispatching our orders are made from recycled cardboard.

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