It may come as a shock but in this modern age of all things digital Direct Mail remains hugely relevant.

Our DM boffins at Tradeprint have produced millions of packs over the years and a 10 minute chat with one of the team will assure you that you’re placing your campaign in safe hands. 

  • Suitable for any printed item that can be enclosed in an envelope, paper or plastic wrapping.
  • Some mailing pieces are glued shut to dispense with the cost of the outer.
  • Address details inkjetted directly on the piece, or on a carrier sheet enclosed with the product.
  • We can offer data cleansing services compliment with GDPR guidelines.
  • We can offer enclosing and personalisation.

Direct Mail gives you a great ROI (Return On Investment) when you compare it to paid internet search and online advertising. When you combine these channels you will get an even better ROI. Tradeprint is well placed to provide a complete service which includes Data Management, Printing & Finishing, Personalisation, Enclosing and Distribution.

Our sales team will support you all the way through the creative process to helping you understand the effectiveness of your campaign team.

All we ask for is a brief and a brief chat and we’ll do the heavy lifting!

Direct Mail, Campaign Management, Data Management Services, Personalisation, Enclosing and Distribution...

Please get in touch to find out more.

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