Press Assistant

Press Assistant



Job Purpose

As a press assistant, your duties are varied and will include the below. Some of these duties will involve a rota which will be drawn up separately. These tasks are not in any order and will vary as required.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

1. With the help of the press operator identify tile-ups that are to be printed.

2. Bend plates (1 at a time), and store alongside the press, always ensure plates are handled with care. Scratching plates causes re-prints!

3. Always use gloves when handling plates, plates have sharp edges wearing gloves will prevent cuts.

4. Load plates with care, ensuring the correct plate is loaded into the correct unit

5. Dispose of used plates in metal cages provided, ensure these used plates do not protrude beyond the edge of the cage.

6. Communicate with press operator, ensure paper is prepared for current job and next 2 jobs, leave paper wrapped until needed

7. Paper is best stored wrapped, without climate or humidity control paper left unwrapped can distort.

8. Remove printed pallets to the correct area, ensuring there is an identifying sign and tile-up sheet on top. The signs must be dated and timed.

9. Change ink barrels when lights flash above pumping station. Ensure you leave all tools in cabinet, the inner lining is removed and put into the outside skip, and the used drum stored outside.

10. Keep the ink station tidy, a rota has been produced to schedule maintenance. Do not leave obstacles in front of the fire escape.

11. Keep the press free from hazards; lay pallets flat, look for obstruction, put tools and consumables away.

12. Assist printer with end of shift clean and weekly maintenance.

13. Remove consumables to correct areas, do not leave consumables out of stored areas.

14. Fill up areas with chemicals as required; Water; blanketwash; IPA; Fount. DO NOT MIX, ask if unsure, return to store after use.

15. Clean presses as per the schedule and for your defined area.

16. General housekeeping: Ensure pallets are returned to their correct position and are not stored higher than waist high, consumables are in the correct areas, and an end of shift clean is performed.

· Sweep around the press

· Empty bins at press

· Return plate boxes to plateroom

· Leave plates bent for next shift

The ideal candidate for this position will have experience in a similar role and have:

  • An enthusiastic approach
  • Fantastic communication skills
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure
  • A desire to be efficient and resolve issues quickly and thoroughly

It would be great if they brought:

  • Experience of print or manufacturing

Finer Details

This role is a permanent full-time role, based in our Dundee factory. In this role, you will work 40 hours a week, in a range of shift patterns between 10pm Sunday, and 10pm Friday.

If this sounds like an environment in which you could flourish, please get in touch.