Our People


We concentrate on getting the basics right - quality, services and
price - so we can add the thrills to make us the very best.
Our print is of the highest quality possible, our customer-focussed
service second to none, our efficient production process makes
our prices the keenest on the market.
And our team is the key to making it all happen.

The people who make the print

Software Development

Technology is at the core of Tradeprint. Our teams of front- and back-end developers ensure that our proprietary MIS and the workflow of all our production runs smoothly and efficiently. We have not only developed our own MIS, but are unique in having introduced licensed innovations that plug into suppliers' software and produce a 40% efficiency, intuitively controlling workflow all the way from input to dispatch.

Our developers are constantly looking for ways to make the customer journey easier and quicker, generating efficiencies and taking customers' ideas and turning them into reality. Our unique Print Portal is just such an innovation, giving our customers complete control over the ordering and invoicing processes. Another reason why we were voted UK Print Company of the Year.

Pre Press

When your client has invested in design you need to be sure that the finished project is going to look as good as your reputation deserves. This is where our pre-press department comes in. They have a reputation for being one of the best in the industry, due to a winning combination of investment in developing our own technology, and their substantive experience.

While our pre-press workflow is 97% automated, a human eye and human skills are still needed to quality check, correct where necessary and oversee the process, providing our customers with the confidence that comes with complete reliability. And our design team allow us to look after your project all the way from brief to delivery in a smooth and professional journey.

Our pre-press department's ability to meet the demands of deadlines and advanced technology is second to none. Every member of the team is focused on developing the perfect solution for each of our customers, with software and processes knowledge that never fails to impress.

Quality Control

Our state of the art reporting systems mean we can generate accurate press data about your print job. Daily analysis of our press information ensures we deliver print to the highest ISO 9001 printing standards.
During each and every print run, our presses feedback real-time production information into our management systems. Critical information about Inking levels, colour stability and registration are stored for evaluation and analysis.

Your job is important to us, and we can tell in a heartbeat when your job was produced, which press it was produced on, how many sheets were printed and even the accuracy of the colour reproduction. This information means we react to the slightest deviation from our high printing standards, to ensure only top quality print is delivered to you and your clients.

Press Room

Our fleet of perfector production presses are all fitted with intelligent monitoring systems. Under the hood, every sheet is scanned, analysing the colour consistency and print registration. Any deviation from ISO 12647-2 colour standards is corrected in real time, at speeds greater than 18,000 sheets per hour on all stocks. Our investment in cutting edge technology ensures each and every shift on press delivers only the highest quality printed sheets. It's just one of the reasons we are the No. 1 Trade Printer in the UK.

Both our systems and our expert and experienced press operators undergo constant development, training and improvement. We have achieved ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management standards and our ongoing improvement process has seen us source stock from sustainable sources, introduce completely chemistry-free plate-making and vegetable-based inks. We recycle everything we can, from pallets to plates. Our automated presses give us fully controlled waste reduction.


However fine the printing of a project, it is the finishing touches that make for perfection, from folding and creasing to lamination and die-cutting. That is why our finishing technicians are selected from the cream of the industry: organised, skilled and reliable. We settle for nothing but the highest standards.

Delivery to mainland UK is free, and comes in plain, white label packaging, because everything we do, we do for our customers. With our amazing guaranteed Same Day production, Next Day delivery litho printing service, we are leading the industry and pioneering a new level of service.

Customer Service

Our business is built on the successful relationships that we forge with our clients. Our Customer Service team are trained to listen, understand and quickly deal with your needs and concerns. Whether you need a quote or an order to go through quickly and efficiently, or you have more complex needs that require an intelligent solution, we can help you and connect you to experts and services across Tradeprint. We're here to listen to you and make things happen.

What you can expect from us: We will be courteous and respectful in our dealings with you. We will encourage and listen to your feedback and tell you what action we propose. All of your enquiries will be promptly and professionally dealt with by knowledgeable people.


Aiden McCann - Apprentice of the Year

When I first heard that Tradeprint were looking for a Print Apprentice, I was hesitant. It's an industry I had no knowledge of and initially was unsure of the long term prospects. The interview process was tough, and it was clear the company had high expectations and demands. The final part of the interview process was a small test set by Tradeprint asking various questions about the industry, the presses used, and even some technical questions. During my research it became very clear this was not just a dynamic, exciting and modern business but a hugely challenging and exciting career path - I really wanted this.

I was delighted to be selected and my journey into the colourful world of print began - and, wow, what a journey.

The technology on the presses is mind-blowing - my instructors have explained and shown me "traditional" print methods which are simply outdated now. It's good to see these traditional processes as it gives me a solid understanding of the process and the science behind the technology.