Get a free Printt Now Kiosk and start earning money today. It will generate additional footfall and will make you money, free of charge.

We will provide a simple, secure and sustainable printing solution for your customers. Host a self-service printer, increase footfall and start earning money on every page printed.

Printt Kiosks satisfy customers that want to walk into store,don’t want to queue, want to print their documents themselves from their own devices and leave.

The kiosks tick all the Covid friendly boxes with minimum contact and waiting times.

  • All charges and transactions are done via the app so no transactions in-store.
  • As a host, you get 30% net on every page printed.
  • Your business will appear on the Printt app map and customers will come to your store to print from the kiosk.
  • You will have access to a live dashboard so you can see the number of prints and your revenues in real-time (paid monthly).
  • One month notice period if you change your mind.
  • Printers, kiosks and inks/service all supplied free of charge.
Additional Information

The users download the app, upload their documents and print from their phone / laptop etc.

You don’t have to do anything apart from supply paper and keep the device switched on.

Your business will appear on the Printt in app map and customers will come to your store to print from the kiosk.

Printt will also provide POS marketing materials for you to share.

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